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Originally Posted by Shaggy View Post
Holy crap that is nice. You got it when it was 2 years old? Wow!
Thanks! Yes, got it when I was home on leave from the Air Force. Talked my dad into cosigning for me, as I had zero credit back then. Told him if he would cosign I would keep it "forever"! Of course I was lying through my teeth, but somehow it's still around.
I think I've kept it because I really loved the car when I first saw a 1970 Z28 that my best friend bought, and told myself I wanted one too. When I spotted the SS396 on a car lot, and found out it had a 427 swapped into it, I knew I really wanted it!
Well here it is 37 years later, and I still enjoy the car as much as I did in 1973!
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