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AaronIROCZ 09-30-2008 05:35 AM

Any good plans or sub boxes for the thirdgen??
Looking to either buy or build a sub box for my 87 Trans Am. Any body know of a good place to buy one that fits down in the tub of the trunk. Or have plans to build one, and I do have my NOS bottle mounted in the tub but I do think I will have to move it. Oh and by the way I am using the Kicker 12" L7 square sub.

wretched73 10-06-2008 03:12 AM

go to, they have alot of stuff, but those things are very common

KuhlRacer37 02-10-2009 04:33 PM

my buddy had a system in his b4 he sold it, u could hear the big for miles

Desy111 11-03-2017 11:26 AM

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